Bag-on-Valve (or Bag in Valve or BOV) Description

The Bag on Valve (or Bag in Valve) is a barrier pack system which consists of an Aerosol Valve with a welded bag.

The advantages of the Bag in Valve  Solution are numerous:

  • does not require inflammable propellants,
  • is hygienic,
  • needs no or much less preservatives into the product,

PRECISION is equipped for Bag-on-Valve production in North America and in Europe. PRECISION is a Leading Bag on Valve Supplier Worldwide. 

Contact your local PRECISION’s Commercial Team to get the details on the available Bag on Valve dimensions and specifications.

Since its founder miniaturized the very first Aerosol Valve for mass-production in 1949, PRECISION is the World Leader of Aerosol Valves.

Thus, for over 70 years, the Aerosol Valve Modern History has been directly linked to PRECISION decisive innovations in Aerosol Valves, Aerosol Filling Line and Aerosol Dispensing.

The right Aerosol Valve identification is critical to your product performance, your consumers’ usage experience and, ultimately, their perception of your brand.

PRECISION Aerosol Valve Range offers you a solution proven and secured by the experience of billions of units sold around the World.

In addition, the unique Worldwide network of PRECISION Group companies ensures you the presence of an Technical Center and a Team of Multi-Technology Experts at your disposal and close to you, who will accompany you in the definition of the right Aerosol Valve according to your Product Formulation and your Spray Performance Expectations and support you in your Aerosol Valve technical tuning.

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