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Among aerosol packaging companies, PRECISION, the Modern Aerosol Industry Founder and Aerosol Valves World Leader, has pioneered this technology by inventing and developing aerosol valves since 1949.

70 years at your service since 1949 and worldmap presence

PRECISION is your only truly Global Supplier of Aerosol Valves, Aerosol Actuators, and related dispensing solutions. With 17 facilities in 15 countries on 6 continents, you can always find a multi-skilled team of experts and a local Technical Laboratory to support your Aerosol Product Development needs. An unmatched global reach that provides you considerable advantages.

Reduced logistic risks, lead times and freight costs

Facilitated collaboration, especially for technical coordination

Simultaneous product launch across the globe

High-touch customer service and local technical support

Experience and best practices from the World Leader


PRECISION offers you vertically integrated, industry-leading manufacturing technologies that ensure supply continuity, efficient lead times, and outstanding product quality.  Through consistent capital investment in enhancement of machinery and processes, we are focused on maintaining best-in-class production processes.

Precision Aerosol Valves production

Metal Forming

With high speed metal forming operations in nearly ten countries, we are able to efficiently procure coils of tinplate steel, press the steel through progressive tool dies, and form mounting cups that have critical impact on product performance as part of the aerosol valve.  As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make every effort to reduce scrap generation, saving both resources and money.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a critical competency in the production of both aerosol valves and actuators.  Using advanced injection molding technologies, including complex two-material molding, we mold the aerosol valve’s stem and housing components as well as the visible and consumer-influencing actuator.

Precision Aerosol Valves production
Precision Aerosol Valves production

Final Assembly

While efficient and effective manufacturing of the various components of an aerosol valve is certainly important, equally critical to the production process is the final assembly of numerous components, including mounting cups, stems, housing, springs, gaskets, and dip tubes.  With final assembly capabilities in nearly every country of our extensive global footprint, we deliver reduced lead times and freight costs.