An Aerosol Pioneer retires

January 25, 2023 John Kawalchuk, pioneer of the North American Aerosol Industry, retires in January 2023 after 45 years in PRECISION John Kawalchuk joined PRECISION

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Olinda Ausset

Olinda Ausset retires

December 9th, 2021 Olinda AUSSET, Europe Technical Services Manager will be retiring on 31st December For more than 35 years in the Aerosol Industry, in

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John Belsey

John Belsey retired

August 31, 2021 John Belsey, ASPAC Sales & Marketing Director retired on 31st August. A page is turned. John Belsey, who was PRECISION’s ASPAC Sales

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Thank you Andrew

July 12th, 2021 Andrew Sims, ASPAC Regional Project Manager will be retiring on 31st July. Andrew joined PRECISION in 2006 at the group’s site in

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