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Smart 35


only 2.0 g

With an exceptional optimized weight of only 2.0 g and with no need for an overcap, SMART 35 is the lightest one-in-all aerosol actuator on the market, offering the same functionalities – including the spray quality – as the current more complex and heavier actuators.


only 4.6 g

Powered by the STORM® Technology and by design significantly lighter (just 4.6 g) than competing products, STYLISH 52 is a unique market solution. Its one piece, one resin, elegant and convenient design makes it the right choice for combining savings and sustainability.

Stylish 52
Accusol3 Video Cover


Is a new and improved version of PRECISION’s iconic trigger sprayer to use for your aerosol application. It features a more ergonomic look and feel.
Experience the new shape of the trigger providing better comfort while spraying.


From Tilt Valve360° or Vertical Aerosol Valve to Powder or Foam Valve, Metered Valve and “Bag on Valve” (a.k.a “Bag in Valve”) capabilities, the Aerosol Valve World Leader offers you a comprehensive, leading assortment of Aerosol Valves. Comprised of seven distinct components (valve housing, stem, spring, gaskets, …), the Aerosol Valves are mission critical to product performance, your consumers’ usage experience and, ultimately, their perception of your brand.

Aerosol Valves - 20mm valve
Aerosol Valves - Tilt Valve
Aerosol Valves - Lighter Refill
Aerosol Buttons - Tempest Fan Spray
Aerosol Dome - Lago 52mm
Aerosol Actuators - Vulcan 1 piece
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PRECISION offers you a variety of Aerosol Actuators from stock Button Actuators, small and large Dome Actuators or Spray CapsFoam SpoutsTrigger and Twist-Lock Actuators, in addition to leading Aerosol Actuator development and customization services.


Visualize your 3D Models The way to visualize easily your projects:
New PRECISION’s 3D Configurator! Save time, money and stress by creating your new concepts in seconds.

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Discover the Modern Aerosol Industry Founder and Aerosol Valve World Leader since 1949, and your only truly Global Supplier of Aerosol Valves and Aerosol Actuators. With 17 facilities in 15 countries on 6 continents, you can always find a multi-skilled team of aerosol experts and a local Technical Laboratory to support your Aerosol Valve or Aerosol Actuator Development. An unmatched global reach that provides you considerable advantages for your Aerosol Valve or Aerosol Actuator supplies.