June 2nd, 2021

Even your icons evolve: PRECISION announces the launch of ACCUSOL® 3, the upgraded version of its iconic actuator.

ACCUSOL® was the first actuator offered with a trigger for industrial and technical applications, among others, and has been the reference all around the world for decades. Today PRECISION is proud to announce the launch of ACCUSOL® 3 – the upgraded and environmentally friendly version of the original, iconic design.

The new ACCUSOL® 3 features an improved trigger, designed to fit the curves of the finger, and a new tab for the tamper-evidence, which can be removed with a more natural gesture. The new actuator is also equipped with a “lock-out” feature that can block the trigger to avoid any untimely triggering during transport or storage after the first use. In addition, efforts were made to significantly improve the overall sustainability of ACCUSOL® 3: apart from the weight optimization, the new design is equipped with a degassing feature to ensure that the aerosol can is completely emptied of the gas, in order to aid in recycling. Finally, ACCUSOL®3 will come with the option of using Post-Consumer-Recycled plastics (PCR) for the external part, according to the customer’s wishes.

PRECISION took great care to maintain the dimensional properties of the original design – the external dimensions and the center of gravity – to guarantee an easy transition to the new design for our current customers.

ACCUSOL® 3 is offered in mono- or bi-color versions and with a set of inserts that will cover all the usage of the previous ACCUSOL® actuators. Obviously, the new actuator is pre-qualified for the relevant male valves by PRECISION.

Press Release available HERE