STYLISH 52, are you ready for your new generation of disruptive Actuators?

January 25, 2023

STYLISH 52 is your new reference for sustainable and cost-efficient spraycap actuators. Powered by the STORM® Technology and by design significantly lighter (just 4.6g) than competing products, STYLISH 52 is a unique market solution. Its one-piece, one-resin, elegant and convenient design makes it the right choice for combining savings and sustainability. Despite its ultra-light weight, STYLISH 52 offers a superior top load resistance. STYLISH 52 is a spraycap fitting 52mm diameter tin plate cans.”

STYLISH 52 is powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology – patent pending – which negates the need for the insert while keeping excellent spray quality. It is the first portfolio product from the new disruptive Actuator generation from PRECISION that offers to the brands an innovative solution, to the increasingly complex question: “how to generate savings in improving sustainability”?

STYLISH 52, available with a PCR option, is suitable for Personal Care, Households, and Insecticide segments, among others.