An Aerosol Pioneer retires

January 25, 2023

John Kawalchuk, pioneer of the North American Aerosol Industry, retires in January 2023 after 45 years in PRECISION

John Kawalchuk joined PRECISION in 1977 and has spent 45 years shaping the history of the aerosol industry in North America. A graduate of Utica College of Syracuse University, John has held many key positions within PRECISION VALVE CORPORATION to General Manager of PRECISION Americas and later Vice President Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain. But during these long years, John also held the positions of Vice President of Manufacturing, Vice President of Sales and Vice President Technical. For the past three years, John had been an internal consultant for PRECISION, a position from which he was able to impart his extensive knowledge of aerosols and provide support to the group’s new management team. In 2016, John joined the HCPA Board of Directors, which will present him with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. We wish him a great retirement, exploring his other passion, wood carving.