Kosmos Mini Jet Large


Comfort and simplicity, a winning combination! This modified Kosmos for aimed jet is particularly adapted for precise sprays, used for example for automotive aerosol or industrial aerosol.

PRECISION offers you a wide range of Aerosol Dispensers called “buttons“. The Button Actuators are fitted onto the “nozzle”, the stem of the Aerosol Valve. PRECISION’s Aerosol button Actuators are often proposed in 1-piece or 2-piece version for a better quality of Aerosol Spray. In the case of a 2-piece Aerosol Button Actuator, an insert is assembled in the Button Actuator, chosen according to your Product Formulation and your expectations in terms of Aerosol Spray Quality: type and density of Spray, particle size, diffusion angle, … The experience of PRECISION, founder of the Modern Aerosol Industry and World Leader in Aerosol Valve since 1949 is your guarantee of performance. The unique Worldwide network of PRECISION Group companies ensures you the presence of a Technical Center and a Team of Multi-Technology Experts at your disposal and close to you, who will accompany you in your Aerosol Actuator Development and/or your Aerosol Valve technical tuning. Your Safety, Your Serenity, Your Solutions. It all starts with you.