Carat Finger Pad

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Product Description

The Carat Finger Pad is an independant spray unit around which it is possible to design multiple actuator shapes, from 45 mm up to 57mm.
It is comfortable and offers a precise spray direction.
The Carat Finger Pad accomodates several insert profiles, allowing the user to spray a wide range of products such as Hair Lacquers, Deodorants, Insecticides, Shoe Care, Air Fresheners, etc.
Please get in touch with your local Precision Valve company to investigate the possibility to develop an exclusive design which would enhance your product on the retail shelf

Markets: Home Care, Personal Care

Product Type: Actuators

Applications: Air freshener, Hair lacquer, Insecticide, Room Freshener

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Product Attributes


PP (Polypropylene)


from 45 mm up to 57mm can shoulder

Type of can

aluminum, tinplate

Type of fitting

Over the can shoulder

Spray product rate